Beckler-River Road

Location: Snoqualmie National Forest

Date: Sunday, October 25, 2014

Summary: Drive and Bike Ride off of Hwy 2 in the Snoqualmie National Forest

The Beckler-River road turns north off of Hwy 2, just east of of beautiful and remote Skykomish, Washington.  We left home early this morning and witnessed some awesome skies on the drive out to the mountains.

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The Beckler-River road is numbered Forest Road 65 and follows the Beckler River past Beckler Peak to the east.  Eventually the FR 65 comes to intersect Forest Road 63 which runs along the North Fork of the Skykomish River.




A right turn on FR63 to the North East heads towards three trail heads at the end of the road on FR63.  There are some great places to stop and look at the expanding views of the river and mountains along this road.  It was a beautiful morning with the fog and clouds burning off quickly as the sun came up and heated up the valleys.

The fall colors were showing off nicely in many places here in the lower elevations of the Snoqualmie Forest. It is great to see both singular and groups of trees with yellow leaves shining bright on the mountainsides in the distance.  It as awesome to see the difference in color between two almost identical trees.

A left turn on FR63 leads towards the West, eventually going past the small town of Galena, Washington.  At the San Juan Campground we stopped and took a look at the river quickly flowing by.  This campground was right by the road but was nicely wooded for a relaxing time in the woods.


We continued on down FR63 west a short bit until we reached the Troublesome Creek campground.  Here we got out the bikes and explored the campground and surrounding nature trails.  Troublesome creek is quite a large campground, but most of the spots were spread out nicely and looked to allow for a great forest camping experience in any campsite.

At one stop we saw a bald eagle fly over the river and off into the distance; this was somewhat captured on camera.

Eventually FR 63 reaches a large washout, where the river has taken thousands of feet of roadway.   The road used to continue all the way back to Hwy 2, at the Index turnoff.  This turnoff is labeled the Index-Galena Road, but because of the washout, no longer actually goes all the way through to Galena.

Map of our Journey:

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