Paradise Valley on Bike

Location: Paradise Valley

Date: Friday, September 26, 2014

Summary: Mountain Bike Ride in the rain at Paradise Valley

Author: BigA

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 Since we have gotten the bicycles fixed up, we have been visiting Paradise Valley to practice our skills and get back into the swing of bicycling.  Paradise Valley is a place we have hiked at many times (Hike #3, Hike #7), but it is a completely different experience with wheels, cruising on the back of a bike!  We went out for a few hours and traveled some miles this afternoon, with spurts of rain showers occurring intermittently during the trip.


We explored the Cedar Run trail for the first time ever this trip.  It is a one way mountain biking path, so we had never even walked it in the many times we had been Paradise Valley park.  The Cedar Run trail is quite impressive; Advanced Skills are Required to traverse the entire trail and all it’s obstacles.  However, there are ways to bypass or walk over all the obstacles, so it is a fun time for even beginners like us.

Unfortunately the rain made all the boardwalks incredibly slick, so we stayed off of them for the most part on the Cedar Run trail, since they are a bit more advanced.  Some with hills and banked turns, some high in the air, like you see in the picture below with Good-time Slim.  We will have to get some more pictures the next time we are out, as the rain and first time excitement prevented us from snapping many photos.

The Southern Traverse trail has a some beginner type obstacles including a some balance logs and a long, flat and level boardwalk which meanders through the trees for about 200 feet.  The pictures below show me riding the Southern Traverse Trail Boardwalk successfully on the mountain bike.  Good-time Slim’s bike was not up to the bumps the boardwalk presented.

This trip highlighted how fun exploring the forest on the back of a bicycle can be!  We had a huge amount of fun, even with the trails being a bit sloppy with puddles and mud in many places.  We were able to explore new parts of the park due the speed and accessibility the bikes provide.  The dog even enjoys running through the forest, as long as we stop and take breaks every once an a while.

It is nice to take a break sometimes and enjoy the sounds of the forest.

It is nice to take a break sometimes and enjoy the sounds of the forest.


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