Hike #6 – Wallace Falls State Park

Location: Wallace Falls State Park

Date: Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summary: Quick hike with numerous rewarding waterfall views
Hyperlinks: WTA,  State Park Website
Maps: Trail Map

Hike #6 – Distance and Elevation Gain Log

Distance This HikeElevation Gain This HikeCumulative DistanceCumulative Elevation Gain
BigA5.00 mi1759.12 ft17.00 mi4514.39 ft
Good-time Slim6.49 mi1838.13 ft19.26 mi4496.68 ft
Average5.75 mi1798.63 ft18.13 mi4505.54 ft

Hike #6 – GPS Track


We started this hike early in the morning and were some of the first people on the trail.  It was quite overcast and damp in the valley and we could hear the power lines humming with voltage as we passed under them.  The trail gets steadily steeper as it ascends, but continues to be a nice path all the way up.  Numerous viewpoints, some with railings, others without, occur on the trail, offering tremendous views of the waterfalls in the valley paralleling the trail.

This was the first hike with the new Deuter Futura 32 Backpack, and it performed very well.  The “Aircomfort FlexLite” system keeps your back very ventilated and prevents your back from getting soaked with sweat due to the backpack.  We crammed a bit of stuff into the backpack for the first test hike and it performed great.

This is an  excellent hike which is not very far from home, however, it gets to be very popular in the summer time.  I have often times seen the ‘Parking Lot Full’ sign at the Wallace Falls State Park turnoff on Hwy 2 in the summer time.


Hike #6 – Photo Locations


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