Hike #4 – Rattlesnake Ledge

Location: Rattlesnake Ledge

Date: Friday, April 25, 2014

Summary: Friday Morning Hike at a Popular Seattle Area Trail
Hyperlinks: WTA, Go-Northwest
Maps: Trail Map

Hike #4 – Distance and Elevation Gain Log

Distance This HikeElevation Gain This HikeCumulative DistanceCumulative Elevation Gain
BigA5.07 mi1381.18 ft10.24 mi2205.28 ft
Good-time Slim5.07 mi1381.18 ft10.36 mi2267.00 ft
Average5.07 mi1381.18 ft10.30 mi2236.14 ft

Hike #4 – GPS Track



We both got Friday off from Work and hit the the Rattlesnake Ledge (Ridge) trail pretty early.  It was nice and cool with mostly light crowds at the start of the hike.  Was mostly quiet as we ascended the ridge, with a few people passing us going both up and down hill.  The clouds started to enclose on use as we got closer to the top, somewhat obscuring the views off into the distance.  However, it is always a cool feeling to be standing on top of something, looking down into a cloud!

There were quite a few people at the top when we got there, and a few larger groups joined as we sat and enjoyed the views for a while.  The descent down was uneventful, but definitely more traffic as we got closer to the bottom.  This is definitely a popular destination; one to enjoy at a non-peak time.

Hike #4 – Photo Locations


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