Hike #2 – Saint Edward

Location: Saint Edward State Park

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014

Summary: Beautiful evening hike in along the shore of Lake Washington
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Hike #2 – Distance and Elevation Gain Log

Distance This HikeElevation Gain This HikeCumulative DistanceCumulative Elevation Gain
BigA1.96 mi404.76 ft3.13 mi571.43 ft
Good-time Slim1.92 mi444.95 ft3.09 mi611.62 ft
Average1.94 mi424.86 ft3.11 mi591.53 ft

Hike #2 – GPS Track


This was Good-time Slim’s first trip to Saint Edward State Park and it was a great time to visit the park. It was nice and cool as we started down the ‘North Trail’ on the North side of the park, descending towards the shoreline of Lake Washington. The views of the lake along the ‘Beach’ trail are awesome, especially when visiting in the evening.

Saint Edward State Park

Shoreline Neighborhood from Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park

Lake Washington from the Beach trail at Saint Edward








In the picture above you can see the houses along the shoreline opposite Lake Washington from Saint Edward State Park. These houses are part of the East side of Seattle proper, and are most likely part of the ‘Shoreline’ Neighborhood. The shoreline of Saint Edward State Park is supposedly the only undeveloped shoreline around the entire lake, which is quite amazing.

Saint Edward State Park

Rocks along the Shoreline at Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park

Beginning of Sunset at Saint Edward State Park








The State Park is near the North end of Lake Washington, placing it near the Kenmore Air Harbor, a world renown float plane airport. This means a fair amount of small aircraft traffic is seen above the lake from the park. As seen below, we snapped a few pictures of one of the planes as they were leaving Kenmore, headed to some other beautiful place in the Pacific North West.

Saint Edward State Park

Float Plane Above Lake Washington, Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park

Float Plane Above Lake Washington, Saint Edward State Park








We finished the hike by going up the ‘Seminary’ trail, climbing back up the hillside to the trail head and parking lot. This was the first hike on the ‘Bike Hike’ Website where it felt like appreciable elevation was gained, although it is only a introductory prelude to the hikes to come.

Hike #2 – Photo Locations


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