Hike #1 – Paradise Valley

Location: Paradise Valley Conservation Area

Date: Friday, April 04, 2014

Summary: Quiet and easy hike to act as the first hike recorded on the Big Hike Website

Hyperlinks:WTA, Snohomish County

Maps: Trail Map

Hike #1 – Distance and Elevation Gain Log

Distance This HikeElevation Gain This HikeCumulative DistanceCumulative Elevation Gain
BigA1.17 mi166.67 ft1.17 mi166.67 ft
Good-time Slim1.17 mi166.67 ft1.17 mi166.67 ft
Average1.17 mi166.67 ft1.17 mi166.67 ft

Hike #1 – GPS Track


The kick off hike for the ‘Big Hike’ website occurred at the Paradise Valley Conservation Area. This first hike will be the starting point for all cumulative distance and elevation gain numbers referred to on the Big Hike Website. We have plans to cover lots of miles, both horizontally and vertically, and decided to make a website to log the distances for the word to see. Look forward to a post for each hike we complete, where we intend to described (at minimum) the location of the hike, date, mileage covered and vertical feet gained. For some hikes, additional information including trail reports, GPS logs, hiking journal entries, gear reviews, photographs, videos and more, will be posted. Check out our ‘About Us’ website to see more about BigA and Good-time Slim and what this Big Hike Website is all about.

Paradise Valley Conservation Area is our Go To park for a quick hike close to home. It features more than 10 miles of mixed use trails snaking through some nicely wooded forest land. The trails are mostly flat, but some terrain exists as you follow small forested ridge lines and weave through small foothills. There are a large variety of trees and an abundance of plant life to observe here, with enormous evergreen trees being a focus.

The picture here is a good size tree fallen across an unmarked trail in the park, with Good-time Slim is standing on top. Like usual on weekday afternoons and weekends, Paradise Valley had quite a few visitors this hike, but hiking some distance down ‘Hiking Only’ or other unmarked trails got us away from the crowds.

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