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Howdy, From the Pacific North West

The Traveling Adventures of BigA and Good-time Slim

Hiking Log

Come hike with us through the vast wilderness and tremendous scenery found in the forests and shores of the Pacific NorthWest. See the pictures, follow our GPS tracks and read the descriptions of our hiking trips.

Camping Trips

Experiencing the outdoors, especially a place never before visited, is best done by spending the night. See some of the places we have setup camp, thrown down the sleeping bags and spend the night in the great outdoors.

Seattle Adventures

Part of living in Seattle, Washington is exploring the city and witnessing the various things and activities the city has to offer. Pictures, descriptions and useful information about our travels around the city are found here.

Mountain Biking Trips

Speeding through forests trails on the back of a bicycle is a great way to take in a large amount of terrain in a short amount of time. Plus, the dog loves running with us!